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Se pare că strângem tot mai multe guest post-uri. O fi bine, o fi rău? Eu zic că e bine: lumea e interesată de blogul ăsta, deci vom avea parte și de opiniile altora. Și de moduri diferite de a exprima opiniile. Puțină diversitate nu strică.

De exemplu, Dan, zis și Snow, și-a scris articolul în engleză. E interesant, ridică niște semne de-ntrebare și ne regăsim cu toții în ce-a scris. Dacă se exprimă mai bine așa, bravo lui! Share, like și lectură plăcută!


Principles? Beliefs? What do they stand for? Why do we need them? Do we need them at all?

Every man has principles. Basic ones. The ones that are glued to his core. The ones that he wouldn’t go over for absolutely anything in the world. What makes him stick to his principles? Belief. Everyone believes in something. Some of us believe in God, some of us believe in nature, some of us believe in money, and some of us believe in ourselves. It is because we believe, and for the given time in which we believe in that certain something, that we stick to our principles.

To recap, if we believe in A (or that A will happen), we have principle A’, which we follow to the letter. If we believe in B, then we have principle B’, to which we stick. But what happens when you believe in something your whole life, and then, one day, you either change your belief, or start realizing that the something you believed in your whole life isn’t worth believing in that much? Most of the times you find a replacement. Then what happens to your principles? Do you still care about not hurting anyone just because God will punish you, if you don’t believe in God anymore?

So, you’re a person with beliefs, with principles, who wants to follow his own way and be content with himself. You believe in God, or something of the sort, you believe in good, you believe in a future, better version of yourself. If you believe, you have principles. If you believe in God, your principle is that of not committing sins. If you believe in good, your principle is that of not hurting anyone around you knowingly and willingly, or at least trying to avoid doing so. If you believe in a better future version of yourself, then your principle is that of improving. So you want to improve.

One day, seeing as you already believe in good, and God represents good, you think that it’s ok to stop thinking that you believe in God, because that only makes you seem like a person who would do anything if he weren’t afraid of God. So you just say to yourself that it’s actually better to believe in good. And it is … for a while.

But then, people, circumstances, age, experience and a whole range of other surrounding factors, make you realize that the good in this world is false. It’s just a way in which people interact with others, so that they won’t kill each other in the process. But it’s not how they feel. And you see that no matter how much you believe in good, it’s really not there. So you start wandering away from that belief as well. If you take out the first two beliefs, in God and in good, you take out their principles. So you don’t want to do good just because it fills your soul with happiness, and you’re not afraid of being punished if you do something bad. And since you don’t believe in good, why would you want to improve?

You wouldn’t. So you start going over your principles. You start breaking your rules one by one, until you don’t really have any rules at all, and you don’t care about anything or anybody. You don’t care about the suffering around you, you don’t care about what you do, just as long as it serves your own purposes. Obviously, those purposes are selfish. You want money, you want to feel good, you want to get everything, and give nothing back.

And you think you’re succeeding, not realizing that you’ve already started giving back for what you receive. You’ve started giving away little particles of your soul, you know that what you’re doing isn’t right, but doing the right thing never got you anything. You want to have the slightest window of opportunity to show everyone, but most of all, yourself, that the good you is still hidden under your cold carelessness. But that window never opens, and you start wondering. Which one is better?

Do I continue down this path, even though I feel that it is taking its toll on me a little more each day ? Or do I go back to the way I used to be, the good, but naive insignificant speck of dust in this ever-changing Universe? Do I want to be feared, left alone, hated ? Or loved, but always at risk of being stepped upon, maybe even by someone close, who thought about disregarding their principles ? What choice would you make ? And if you do make a choice, will it be based solely on your principles ?

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    I-auzi, Snow, ai udat pe cineva.

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